GGHTx; a miracle for Latin America – January 2020

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In the daily life of our society, we omit situations or reach points of being unaware of those realities that take a resounding turn when giving us the idea of ​​poverty suffered by millions of people.

These realities are put aside due to the smoke screen that covers them from the rest of the world, either due to their remoteness or risky location; sometimes unknown and even purposely ignored.

In areas of Latin America that suffer a state of extreme poverty, in which there is not the slightest possibility of acquiring medical / dental services, or other humanitarian aid that helps improve their quality of life; It is the mission of GGHTx to bring these benefits for free, with the intention of providing a miracle for Latin America .

Who are they and what are they looking for as an organization?

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” 

-Pablo Picasso

GGHTx is a non-profit organization, whose co-creator and program director is Avi Kerendian . Its main objective is to meet the multiple medical needs demanded by villages, rural areas or in extreme poverty whose possibilities of accessing these services are almost impossible; all through trips and raids that manage to bring that humanitarian aid to those people who need it so much.

Among the opportunities offered to the assisted communities are:

  • General medical assistance.
  • Pediatrics.
  • Odontology.

(Soon more campaigns that cover other branches).

The organization works specifically in Latin America; attacking primordial areas like aboriginal territories whose arrival is usually very complex and even turbulent; There are no obstacles to stop your arrival in these areas.

Attention is provided to women and children.

Being able to provide support to those less fortunate who are unable to acquire adequate medical care due to their location and even language (for several indigenous peoples, they only understand their own Aboriginal language).

For the trips already made, there is a team trained in understanding various Aboriginal languages ​​in order to break through that barrier and understand more about the needs of the people.

This organization has the support of volunteers and government entities that 100% support the efforts of men and women to give diverse poor communities an opportunity to enjoy a free and fair service to ensure their health.

Its director, Dr. Arash Hakhamian , along with its co-founder, Avi Kerendian, and all the volunteer members; conformed by doctors (as), journalists and assistants, they are the ones in charge of carrying that ray of hope; imply that collective support can generate positive change.

During each foray it is always clear that more is gained by giving a hand to who needs it to receive a smile, a “thank you”, and encouragement that motivates others to want to join the cause here in Latin America and even take it to a future around the world.

How can I contact the organization?

If you want to know a little more about the organization and find out about the incursions made, the next ones to do; What contributions have been made since its foundation or you simply want to apply as a volunteer, you can visit their website:

You can also access their social networks to see more details of the incursions in processes, see images and find out much more:

Whatever your contribution will be very well received by the GGHTx team . Within the platform you will find various means of communication to get your message of hope across; Volunteer to help others and even donate to provide medical equipment, medicine, and more.

Giving a breath of hope to those less fortunate is a gift that is never forgotten. We don’t all have a lot of wealth, but if you have the will to give, then you can join the cause.