GGHTx: An organization for everyone – January 2018

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“Today’s contribution will be the fruit of tomorrow.”

This is the ideology of many organizations worldwide that seek to meet the needs of millions of people whose possibilities are limited, almost impossible in which the same society is the one who enforces them.

Among these impositions, the field of medicine stands out. A profit that today not many can cover from the most basic needs; laboratories, emergency services and even the acquisition of medications.

In Latin America, many countries impose socioeconomic statutes that prevent communities in a state of extreme poverty from being able to enjoy necessary basic services or such emergencies. They also have the particularity of being established in territorial areas far from capital regions or with greater access to medicine.

The arrival of professionals, medicines or the implementation of medical centers is a dream that almost nobody is willing to fulfill without demanding money in return. That is why GGHTx is born , an organization for all that seeks to support less fortunate communities by giving them the possibility of enjoying free and dignified health services.

“The opportunity to serve and live well”

GGHTx is a non-profit organization that seeks to integrate into the communities in extreme poverty around Latin America, basic medical services that these communities require but which are made impossible due to socioeconomic position or territorial remoteness.

Its founder and director, Dr. Arash Hakhamian with his team ready to bring about significant change, co-founder and program director Avi Kerendian, and the entire medical and logistics team. It is these who give the proposal to provide an opportunity for all those who do not have the capacity to enjoy a dignified, safe and free medical service.

GGHTx works thanks to government entities and other institutions who have kindly offered their support by offering monetary donations and medical supplies such as medicines and special equipment; as well as contributing to the transportation of all the participants and volunteers to deliver this help to the communities to be served.

Within the various medical branches, GGHTx currently covers a few, which are:

  • General medicine.
  • Pediatrics.
  • Odontology.

For the future, the significant expansion of other medical areas is estimated that will significantly benefit the communities served, such as oncology, etc.

The support offered by the organization within Latin America is a worthy example for other organizations that seek the same goal and require support.

GGHTx is the example that with love, effort and a lot of support, wonderful things can be accomplished in the world. See the smiles of those who have received this miracle; hearing a “thank you” is what motivates all participants to continue with the project in order to raise awareness around the world.

How to contact the organization?

If you want to generate a positive change in society by offering a donation or proposing to be a volunteer; They can better inform you through the GGHTx web portal :

There you can find all the information you require, from future forays, donations, images, videos and columns of articles that express the progress of the organization to bring humanitarian aid to those communities in extreme poverty that require your support.

Likewise, you can access their Facebook page where you can comment, publish and contact the organization; See real-time events on a daily basis, see the support of others with words of encouragement and much more:

GGHTx is the best example of humanity; all his effort for those who cannot access basic needs, which, with much effort by those who do, their smallest contribution is significant to generate changes in millions of consciences.