GGHTx: Future projects – May 2018

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GGHTx is a non-profit organization whose objective is to implement various medical services within communities in a state of extreme poverty within Latin America, through financial support from government institutions and other entities; this in conjunction with specialized volunteers in the area of ​​medicine or logistics assistants.

Within it, various objectives have been met; This does not stop continuing to implement more and more options for those people who require care from other medical branches.

The plans seek care for specific diseases that attack children, youth and adults. In this article we will talk about those projects that GGHTx will soon implement in order to continue supporting these communities that are so in need of that helping hand.

Campaigns against severe diseases

Within the GGHTx campaigns to attack a variety of areas within general medicine, we find attention to severe, contagious and non-contagious diseases, including sexually transmitted diseases, to degenerative conditions in adults. This is what has motivated the founders of the organization, Dr. Arash Hakhamian and its co-founder Avi Kerendian .


Whether in the air, water, soil, etc. Pollution is a problem that strongly attacks communities in extreme poverty whose location is near dumps, rivers or lagoons contaminated with garbage or toxic waste, or their daily lives are covered with the smog blanket.

To attack this, GGHTx offers help with vaccinations and organize clean- ups in these areas to lighten climate changes that prevent crop growth or poisoning through water and air.

Non-communicable diseases

Such is the case of diabetes or cancer, among other non-communicable diseases that are included in the campaigns to be carried out promptly for GGHTx . The medical services that require these services are usually highly expensive; not to mention the type of facilities necessary to serve patients; your machinery etc.

For this reason, the organization seeks to attack this problem by proposing the setting up of clinical institutions in which equipment, medicines; etc. They are available freely and safely.

Pandemic assistance

Pandemics such as influenza are the example of constant alertness that requires monitoring for possible nearby or developing strains. Facing communities of extreme poverty, treating them is a challenge due to the lack of medical supplies or institutions.

One of the most wanted campaigns to be established for these Latin American communities is this. Reach out to professionals capable of combating these ills, predicting them and providing the right medicine.

Detect and deal with high-risk pathogens

High-risk pathogens such as Ebola represent a constant state of alert for everyone. For poor communities, being aware of these is very scarce; It is within these that the outbreaks take a lot of strength and end up reaching areas that have the capacity to detect them quickly, while poor territories suffer from it without obtaining treatments.

GGHTx seeks to implement vaccines, supplements and research areas where it will be kept up to date if a high-risk disease is present. Being able to attack her through mediation, laboratory service and much more.

HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases

Another strong point to attack is care for sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV.

In poor populations, sexual treatment such as prostitution is a reality that puts the health of the communities themselves at risk; This and other diseases are prone to both adults and young people, who do not have the resources to know that they are infected; how to be treated or possess the ways to get to medical centers and acquire adequate care.

GGHTx seeks to implement sexual orientation by offering protection tools such as condoms, pills, IUD devices, among others; implement classes and offer other guidelines when starting an active sex life.