GGHTx: General Health for All – January 2019

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Every day more non-profit organizations are joining together that seek to generate a positive change in humanity, offering low-income communities the possibility of accessing services that in other instances would be impossible due to their socioeconomic position or territorial location.

The challenges that these communities must face day by day with a particular issue such as medicine, becomes a problem that requires full attention from government entities. We all require basic care that meets human needs; These should not be impeded by economic or territorial issues.

That is the mission of GGHTx , a non-profit organization that covers all of Latin America to be able to reach remote areas and in a state of extreme poverty, the possibility of being assisted in the medical field.

General health campaigns

GGHTx attends to multiple medical needs of low-income areas; mostly aboriginal territory where there is no health center that can help with general medicine, laboratory services, vaccines, etc.

Within its campaigns and forays, this organization covers spaces such as general medicine, pediatrics and dentistry. They seek every day to propose other options to attack specific areas that require urgent attention within these communities such as:

I treat congenital diseases

Congenital diseases, for the most part, require demanding and mostly expensive treatments. In some cases, its acquisition is almost impossible because these treatments are made up of foreign medicines or even the implementation of special machinery, some very heavy.

Diseases such as diabetes or cancer are some that GGHTx seeks to attack by giving the possibility of bringing specialists, medicine and the necessary equipment in order to help these communities prolong their health. Make detections on time and much more.

Treatment of high-risk diseases and pandemics

A highly delicate situation is the appearance of dangerous and highly contagious pathogens that put entire communities with limited resources at risk due to:

  • Its late detection.
  • Attention to the pathogen.
  • The resources required to combat and prevent.

Diseases like Ebola or pandemics like influenza mean constant alert where their occurrence must be measured and incubation control must be maintained. GGHTx works every day in search of professionals and necessary equipment to help with this problem.

Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and general medicine

It is not just about implementing guidance to communities on healthy reproduction and maintenance of active sexual life. The risks of promiscuity, the lack of protective equipment against diseases such as condoms, vaccines, among other things, is what the organization seeks to offer people.

It also seeks to help those affected by diseases such as HIV. Offer adequate food programs promoting resources for them (food, water and seeds for planting).

As well as implementing more solutions to general medicine such as assistance in laboratories to detect infections, conditions or general diseases.

These are some of the future projects that GGHTx will implement to ensure the quality of life of those who are in a situation of extreme poverty. 

Women and children, youth and adults who will benefit from the support of this and many organizations, professional assistants and logistics assistants who attend the raids with the same clear objective, to provide a quality opportunity for those less fortunate.

If you want to find out more about these and more projects, visit the GGHTx website and its social networks in order to contact them for donations or volunteering: